[Marxism] Paul Le Blanc on the SWP crisis

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Louis Proyect WROTE: "Jim Percy used to stay at my apartment in NYC."

Well then, Louis, I hoped he cooked for you...

There was a strong  element in the DSP's rethinking that was driven by
an ongoing dialogue with Peter Camejo. During that eighties period
there were two  published critiques of the US SWP's sectarianism --
the DSP's and Camejo's.

I think Camejo's is better but I also think both are inadequate as
they don't 'explain'  sectarianism as a world wide phenomenon. Today,
hopefully, those who pursue that quest can do a better job but the
jury is still gonna be out.

That's because there is a world of difference between building parties
that  strive to follow  a non sectarian course  and criticising  those
extant sects that exist.

That's something 'The North Star' doesn't  get -- the DIY.

Probably the most disastrous sectarian consequence at the present time
lies at the feet of  the Greek Communist Party -- the  KKE .

But I'm sure they know nothing of James P. Cannon... or Paul Le Blanc..

In Australia the biggest sect, with the greatest consequent impact,
was always the local Communist Party -- until its implosion in the
late eighties.

So explaining  "Leninisms'" penchant for secthood has to be about more
than fingering its supposed icons.

While I think it's very clear today  that  our collective legacy was
mistaken in its historical  reading of Bolshevism, the complication is
that the actual coal face labour  of  arriving at a different course
was warped initially by the Cold War and later by the ultra leftist
penchant of the post sixties student radicals with their preference
for ideology over practice.

Of course there are other factors and the deployment of  toy
internationals is one of them. They were, despite their occasional
utility,  the vectors for the pandemic.

Where Louis  really gets it absolutely correct is in warning that the
major threat to the relevance of the Marxist left today is not
reformism -- which tends to be caricatured as so many universal
abstractions  -- but sectarianism.

As a mental side dish:  In the early nineties the DSP engaged itself
keenly in the genesis of the local Green party. How that could have
panned out( re Cannon, Joe Blogs or whoever) , if allowed to proceed
(as the party's further involvement was proscribed) , would have been
very interesting indeed ...

But then we'll never know.

dave riley

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