[Marxism] Paul Le Blanc on the SWP crisis (SocAlt & SocAll)

glparramatta glparramatta at greenleft.org.au
Mon Feb 4 00:18:52 MST 2013

Alan Bradley wrote:

>The other side of things is the informal discussion on blogs, Facebook and
so on. (And doubtless in the Real >World(tm)  as well...) While less
important at one level, it has the benefit of being continuous and
interactive, as well >as involving more people from both groups that in the
relatively closed leadership level discussions.

These discussions have opened up a dialogue between Socialist Alternative
and Socialist Alliance members at many levels, as Alan notes. Perhaps this
is biggest gain of the process. Of course they are often messy,
frustrating, confusing, send mixed messages, but also in many case sare
clarifying and constructive. Some us are more sceptical than others. But
the process is positive.

Discussions have began to explore the different organisations' positions --
on their attitudes to the Greens, to revolutionary organisation, the
transitional method, feminist organising -- among others.

These discussions, as well as being expressed in informal discussions, and
formal meetings, are also entering our publications. For example, recent
debates around our attitudes to "transitional demands" and organising
against violence against women can be found at http://links.org.au/node/3202and

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