[Marxism] Re unity on the left in Australia

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Mon Feb 4 01:31:46 MST 2013

About talks between Socialist Alternaitve and Socialist Alliance in Australia, Nick says, under the heading Paul Le Blanc on the crisis in the SWP:

It's cautious and there's a quite long to work out, of culture and organisational aspects as well as program and perspective, but it'd be mad not to try it when SAlt has dropped state cap, opened up organisationally, and with some growth seem much more than previously to have a layer of experienced but still youngish worker activists in a range of unions and campaigns which is probably a very good reality check for them.

I agree about bein cautious. I have problems with all 3 of Nick's other formulations. His idea we were closed before hand is nonsense. Second there is no 'reality check'. We have had a sensible approach to recruitment and work in our own unions for a long time. And as for 'dropping state capitalism' that is a very interesting statement. It is one of the real dangers I identified in our internal discussions over merger and received constant assurances we were not 'dropping state capitalism'. I am certainly not, since to me the question of what is a working class revolution is important in understanding just what we are fighting for and what sort of organisation we are building. 

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