[Marxism] Re unity on the left in Australia

Nick Fredman nick.fredman at optusnet.com.au
Mon Feb 4 04:18:34 MST 2013

On 4/02/13 7:31 PM, "En Passant with John Passant" <en.passant at bigpond.com>

> I agree about bein cautious. I have problems with all 3 of Nick's other
> formulations. His idea we were closed before hand is nonsense. Second there is
> no 'reality check'. We have had a sensible approach to recruitment and work in
> our own unions for a long time. And as for 'dropping state capitalism' that is
> a very interesting statement. It is one of the real dangers I identified in
> our internal discussions over merger and received constant assurances we were
> not 'dropping state capitalism'. I am certainly not, since to me the question
> of what is a working class revolution is important in understanding just what
> we are fighting for and what sort of organisation we are building.

Well I hope you've always had *some* kind of reality check John : ) But it's
not just me, but also Corey Oakley who has claimed that SAlt has relatively
recently consolidated a layer of youngish but experienced cadres, "a huge
change from where we were eight years ago"


I don't really know but it seems to me this development is related to
opening up politically and organisationally.

I didn't wrote you were closed beforehand, I wrote you had opened up
organisationally. I can't speak to internal workings then or now. But what's
undeniable is that there's debate and different lines on for example
Venezuela when there was before, that your platform statement doesn't refer
to state capitalism when it did before, that before this Sandra Bloodworth
publicly stated that state capitalism shouldn't be a dividing line, that
your organisation clearly includes people with different views on Cuba and
Venezuela and the Soviet Union when if it did before this was quite
submerged, that Sandra Bloodworth and Corey Oakley's recent articles on the
nature of socialist organisation is quite different from Mick Armstrong's
'From little things' book, that Corey Oakley has publicly referred to a
process of questioning the schematism of this book, that key leaders of SAlt
attended the Socialist Alliance conference when they haven't before, that
Socialist Alternative members attended the the three Socialist Alliance
public events in Melbourne in December and January when I hadn't seen any in
the preceding three years, that the coming Marxism conference will have
speakers from other Australian socialist groups, when it didn't before. If
all this isn't opening up, I'm not sure what to call it.    

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