[Marxism] Paul Le Blanc on the SWP crisis

Anthony Hartin anthony.hartin at desy.de
Mon Feb 4 06:45:53 MST 2013

Gary wrote
 > Never disgust Tony. Never as in not ever. My predominant emotion is 
> about all the  people who have been processed through Leninism. Where have
> they all gone?

I know a lot of people who are former members. Most have remained 
marxists, at least as much as one is able to whilst trying to struggle 
along with life.
Once one learns about marxism and starts to incoporate it in ones 
thinking, its hard to remove it if one is intellectually honest. The 
debt I owe (as far as learning goes) rests largely with Mick and Sandra.

I wasnt very happy with the people who expelled us in 1995, but its 
silly to hold life-long grudges. They (life-long grudges) should be 
reserved for the ruling class (and maybe certain football teams) only. 
The main problem is that everything gets overheated. Blame it on 
Zinoviev, or blame it on human nature, I dont know how you make people 
stay calm.

Maybe one thing that makes it better for me out of our faction fight was 
that we built Socialist Alternative, which is still flying the flag and 
has some very good people in it (the only reason I'm not is because I'm 
stranded  in europe). I'm glad that other great comrades from "rival" 
organisations and who I've known about since my student days now are 
able to work together. That gives me a lot of hope

best wishes,

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