[Marxism] Back in the USSR

Ben Campbell neurodialectics at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 09:16:35 MST 2013

by Corey Ansel

... "What is at stake is the very cohesion of Leninist theory.  Marxism is
not a family tree.  It is most certainly not the ideology of all of those
who claim to hold up its banner.  In fact, it is consistent with Marx’s
fight for the “ruthless criticism of all that exists”, which in this case
is the need to criticize the notion that all ostensible “Marxists,” from
the International Socialists to the Spartacists, are bearers of Marxist
thought. The left, in fact, has struggled to defend the legacy of Lenin
because it has failed to properly investigate what that legacy is! The
origins of the crisis within the SWP, thus, rest with their faulty
understanding of Leninist democratic centralism and its relevance in the
present." ...

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