[Marxism] unity on the left in Australia

Graham Milner gkmilner at bigpond.com
Tue Feb 5 13:08:12 MST 2013

> Tom O'Lincoln WROTE: "As for "dropping state cap"...I suggested that
> agreement with this should be a membership requirement, but so far no
> reply from the editors."
> But seriously, Tom, who gives a shit ? Who is the least bit interested
> in the OFFSHORE theory of state capitalism -- or not -- in the 21 st
> century?
> [There may indeed be some but you could possibly count them....]

I cannot see how one could avoid debating the issue of 'state capitalism' if 
unity is to be achieved between two groups such as the Socialist Alliance 
and Socialist Alternative.  As a former member of Socialist Alliance (for 
eight years), and now a non-party revolutionary socialist, I have been 
attempting for many years to engage Socialist Alternative and the 
International Socialist Organisation (Solidarity) here in Perth, WA in 
discussion and debate over the central theoretical shibboleth that defines 
these groupings as part of the 'International Socialist Tendency'.   I have 
had little success in this endeavour, particularly with Socialist 

Adherence to a doctrine such as 'state capitalism' in its Cliffite form 
should not prevent or impede membership of a united, revolutionary socialist 
organisation, but 'brushing under the carpet' differing concepts and ideas 
about the socialist programme is not a viable option.   Only with vigorous 
debate and discussion of these important political and historical questions 
can the left move forward, in my opinion. 

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