[Marxism] unity on the left in Australia

Michael Fisher michaelfisherx at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 18:01:22 MST 2013

The question of how to characterise a non-capitalist country cannot
reasonably be used as a means to include/exclude members.

But nor is it a minor issue.

In my view one of the many tasks facing socialists is to salvage the
credibility of the socialist project from the wreckage of 20th century
Stalinism. In part this means being very clear about the deeply
anti-democratic and therefore deeply anti-socialist nature of such

There are some on the socialist left who continue to regard China and
even North Korea as in some sense 'socialist' - simply because of the
role of the state in the economy.

I would have a severe problem with a mass-distribution party newspaper
that reported events in China and/or North Korea in ways that
suggested they are socialist.


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