[Marxism] unity on the left in Australia

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Tue Feb 5 19:45:56 MST 2013

> Welll it's not me who keeps bringing up Cuba in the context of Australian
> left unity. It's a concern of people from your tradition.

>>NIck: I think you're quite wrong or greatly exaggerating there Tom.
Besides the
official correspondence I've seen dozens of discussions on Facebook and
elists and participated in many, and Cuba has barely been mentioned, apart
from considerable concern expressed months ago


OK, I have no desire to stereotype. Butl the "considerable concern" is
sufficient to disprove the idea that only people like me are embracing
"off-shore"  theories [Dave's term].  I am of course guilty of this
accusation all the same, ever since I took up Marxism. I take it Dave gets
his politics from dinkum Aussie sources.


Graham complains that we won't debate state-cap theory.  On the contrary,
we've done it enough on this list that Lou is already sending little warning
signals in his post on the French Question, to avoid descending into


We could do it again; I don't mind, if Lou doesn't object. 


Meanwhile here is some discussion from 2000. Just follow all the leads.



For now let me make a few things clear.


1.If I understand them correctly, John's concerns are not based on some
bizarre notion that a body of dogma is a protective balm. But the theory
also has a powerful ability to keep us focused on the concept of working
class self-emancipation. Or at least, so we think.

2. Beyond that it is simply an aspect of Marxism, which we sought to apply
in the new journal article.

3. My comment about making the journal article a condition of membership was
a joke. Far from it, I doubt if most readers think "state capitalism" when
you mention the officers running early New South Wales. But as for me, I'm
interested in developing this and related ideas.



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