[Marxism] Acquisition on Accents

Ismail Lagardien ilagardien at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 6 02:43:34 MST 2013

Hi Everyone

Does anyone know of a good paper or source - I have search online and will continue to do so - that helps explain how we acquire foreign accents during adulthood?

Very brief background and an observation that I think people might enjoy. Since all my university education was abroad, in the UK, and because I spent many years in North America, I have a "strange" accent. I want to write a blog post related to this.  During the 1980s, when I listened to Radio Moscow, I always found it amusing that most of the radio hosts and newscasters spoke English with a North American accent.

Anyway, please let me know if there are any sociological or anthropological explanations for this. I know that one picks up languages earlier in life, but not necessarily accepts. In my case, the first formal English I learned was North American and British... So


Ismail Lagardien

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