[Marxism] Tunisian opposition leader shot to death provoking anti-government riots across the country

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 07:45:41 MST 2013

An email on the topic I sent to some lists this morning:

Comrades have no doubt heard or will very soon of the assassination of
prominent Tunisian leftist Chokri Belaid. Naturally the regime is the
prime suspect.

A recent article by Comrade Belaid is at:

He mentions the assassinations which had already begun, assassinations
occurring in a context very similar to that in Egypt, i.e. workers,
peasants, youth and women moving into action against a regime still
tied to imperialism and fulfilling none of the revolution's goals.

(At the bottom of his article are links to other important recent
analyses of the political terrain there.

Right now there are masses in the street protesting this murder. Let's
all stay in touch about developments.

In New York there happens to be a fundraiser for a Tunisian charity
this weekend:

... and while the announcement says the sponsoring group is not
political, this is likely to be an opportunity to reconnect with our
Tunisian comrades here, offer support and find out what type of
solidarity can be provided.

I have to say that solidarity with the Tunisian movement is
particularly crucial given its highly-developed class politics; i.e.,
the long and diverse history of labor and socialist organizing and
politics there has lent the Tunisian revolution a particularly
precious potential.


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