[Marxism] Report on events at Garfield High School yesterday

Manuel Barrera mtomas3 at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 6 16:44:21 MST 2013

Sorry, but I thought our deliberations on Marxist thought and revolutionary struggle could be uplifted by this cool report from Garfield High:

Found at "Scrap the Map" website: http://scrapthemap.wordpress.com/2013/02/06/report-on-events-at-garfield-high-school-yesterday/

The report below ends with a photo (didn't think it would fly in the post) of a flyer students put out for the day of testing that said: 

"Freshmen: You can Opt Out of the MAP
"Stay in your seat and tell your teacher you do not want to take the test"There will be no disciplinary action! Students have rights you do not have to take the test
"Do some homework, study for a make-up final

Report on events at Garfield High School yesterday

We received a report about what happened when administrators attempted to administer the MAP test yesterday.  Here it is:
“Here’s what happened at Garfield today: Admins came into classrooms and tried to pull students out to take the MAP test in the library. Students stared straight ahead, and wouldn’t budge. 

In a library with about 60 computers stations set up for the MAP, there were single digit numbers of students sitting at computers. Of those, many sat at the computers and refused to press even a single button.
That’s how that went.
Lots of local news was covering….” 		 	   		  

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