[Marxism] Marxist Idealism and the Arab Spring

Ben Campbell neurodialectics at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 12:35:00 MST 2013

Marxist Idealism and the Arab Spring
by Pham Binh

"The bourgeous-democratic revolutions known as the Arab Spring have
ruthlessly exposed the methodological and analytical deficiencies of many
Marxists. Evidence-based, detailed, rigorous, and critical evaluation of
the social, political, and human contradictions driving these revolutions
is rare (rarer still is any sense of what is to be done to aid these
struggles) while lazy thinking, abstractly correct positions, and
we’ll-have-to-wait-and-see-how-things-turn-out passivity are common.

These deficiencies became painfully obvious once the Arab Spring spread
from Tunisia and Egypt to Libya and Syria. The revolutions that swept Ben
Ali and Hosni Mubarak from power were “clean” and “pure” for Marxists
because they were against U.S.-backed dictators and vindicated our bias
towards general strikes and working-class action.

This was the good Arab Spring

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