[Marxism] Bloomberg Defends College’s Right to Sponsor Israel-Boycott Talk

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 13:26:46 MST 2013

Both Michael and Louis are completely right about how pathetic it is
that such defenses of the most basic, seemingly taken for granted
rights, are seen (or, I would say, must be counted) as big victories.

My reaction to Pres. Gould's pro-Israel crawling was exactly the same.

And yet the fight the BC SJP and allies won IS a big victory -- for
the same reason that any pushback of Islamophobia is a big victory:
because the global war on "terror" and in defense of Washington's main
launching pad in the Middle East has shifted the ruling-class-imposed
consensus in that area.

Rest assured I will be forwarding Michael's wonderful examples from
the Vietnam era to these students. But rest assured also that right
now, happy as they are to have secured their right to free speech,
they have every intention of using it to battle even harder on the
substance of the issue, i.e. Palestinian liberation.

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