[Marxism] The lure of Keynesianism

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Feb 7 17:04:28 MST 2013

On 2/7/13 7:00 PM, Gary MacLennan wrote:
> All of which brings me back to the Krugman article and the lure of
> Keynesianism. For me Krugman et al represent the hope that somehow we will
> not have to undergo the trauma of taking on the capitalist class and their
> supporters in order to build a socialist world. It is the belief that
> somehow there is an easy fix - replace under-consumption with consumption.
> What could be simpler? So we have the left intelligentsia in Brisbane
> circulating Keynesian solutions.  It is a very small intelligentsia to be
> sure, but one that is desperately groping for solutions. In that I feel it
> reflects the state of Non-Marxist Australian Left.

Here's the Australian Paul Krugman but not half as smart:


No, make that not a tenth as smart.

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