[Marxism] SWP faction declared

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Feb 8 09:32:29 MST 2013

On 2/8/13 11:24 AM, DCQ wrote:
> This is a fantastic development, especially now that Emma, Richard, China, etc. have signed on.
> Oh, and as for the Cuba dig, Lou, you might consider subtitling Unrepentant Marxist: "Opposed to all shibboleths...except my own."

In reality the notion that Cuba is "Stalinist" or "state capitalist" is 
something highly heterodox. If you develop your own approach to Marxism, 
as most of the non-party subscribers to Marxmail have, this is about the 
last thing that would occur to you. For example, the average non-party 
socialist admires Che Guevara and would find Sam Farber's mudslinging 
piece written on the anniversary of his death most off-putting and 
really quite weird. I of course set up Marxmail to have a conversation 
with non-party socialists and not those who belong to "Leninist" groups 
or those who have been permanently warped by their experience in such 

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