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Fri Feb 8 18:05:28 MST 2013

Louis Proyect WROTE:"The idiotic Leninist left enshrines the right to
factions in their idiotic constitutions but once you form one you get
expelled. That is the reality of the sectarian left. "

...or there is a split.Same consequence. You could also add that most
tendency disputes are quickly factionalionised and the stakes move to

Of course if you want to insist that factions are a preferred modus
operandi for dissent then you get  the  routine factionalisation such
as exists  in the NPA....

And as we know,  factions add onto their platform  -- they tend to
grow organically  as they seek to accomodate more dissenting voices in
the party and  any dispute becomes a numbers game. They are also often
keen to promote preferred shibboleths.

That way you claim your real estate.

These processes aren't, however, unique to the "Leninist left' but the
Trotskyists roots have tended to enshrine factional operations as the
litmus of  democracy.

But looking elsewhere: the Sandinistas were  3 factions in the lead up
to 1979; the Salvadoran FDR/FMLN was always rifted by factional
disputes and splits...and they still held it together, at least long

I think a much better POV is to embrace a 'holistic' view of the
socialist left and recognize that our  local lefts are really a gaggle
of factions. All the grouplets and such -- all the boutique
programming -- is really a melange of competing factions at war with
one another. All presuming that they have the good oil -- an
attainment that is never tested on any conference floor except their

If you want to enshrine factionalism that's  the Holy Grail: the
Marxist  left we have today -- a lot  of which began life within some
far off other party then split or were expelled.

In fact, the left we have today is the epitome of factional
operations...and a democratic contradiction because it accommodates
and celebrates no one's 'democracy' but your own boutique version of

dave riley

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