[Marxism] Cuba, Escalante and US SWP

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>From a 1963 article by a Chilean revolutionary Marxist:

"Without a doubt Escalante, Garrucho, Pompa and company constituted a
group which proposed to control the government of Cuba. Their motives
were unbridled ambition and the thirst for power. Nevertheless, it is
logical to ask, were they moved solely by these subjective factory, or
by an anti-Marxist policy and methods, resulting from deep
social-economic causes? Lenin said that every faction which arises in
a party reflects, in the last instance, pressures from a class sector
or sectors. Escalante’s case is not that of one person but of many –
of 500 little Escalantes and Aníbales, as the Cuban leaders have so
correctly pointed out. It is important, therefore, to determine what
social-economic basis permitted the appearance of Escalante and

Among the essential causes we can point out the following: the
backwardness of the country; the contradictions between the
countryside and the city, between the collectivism and the
individualist tendencies and the under-development of industry; the
shortages; the differences between those who do manual work and the

Before proceeding it should be clearly understood that the Escalante
group had not yet come to form an extreme bureaucratic caste, but that
rather it was merely an outbreak, a germ, an embryo of bureaucratism.
At the same time, it will be useful to state once more the distinction
made by Fidel between sectarianism and bureaucratism. These political
categories do not always manifest themselves together. Sectarianism
may exist without bureaucratism, as may be seen in the case of the
“sectarianism of the lowlands” which Fidel criticized in his speech,
although generally bureaucratism is accompanied by sectarianism."

m (Ignore the numerous typos, some of which I corrected in the above

For this and the second episode with Escalante (in 1968) see

Richard Fidler

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Shane wrote:
>Indeed. The Escalante affair was a major point I raised in the SWP at
that time.

But wasn't the Escalante affair in 1968?

Weren't you out of the SWP in 62 or 63?

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