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Sat Feb 9 00:26:31 MST 2013

The irony is  that in the digital age ruled by the web  the whole
nature of political disputation on the left has changed.

Some groups -- indeed, probably most -- haven't caught up and they
naively assume that they can keep their polemics in house.

Nowadays you are public whether you like to be or not as the internet
knows no shame.

So trying to  turn factions off by 'banning' them is patently absurd.

Nonetheless, I hope we have enough sense to respect real time debate
in the same room rather than just on the same server.  That's because
we KNOW that a vote has to mean something as voting DECIDES what is to
be done.

That's our message, right? Well, that's supposedly our message:
collective DECISION MAKING g rather than collective disputation.

Argument we are old hands at. Deciding to do stuff together is almost
a novelty.

This SWP faction suffers  a fatal flaw in that its own party
conference endorsed both the current leadership and the conference
reports. While we may lament how shallow and formal that democracy may
have been,  that complication handicaps  any fightback.

But what happens now? Does this newly formed faction switch its
deliberations  to private mode and abandon web discourse ? After such
a public protest (even inside the bourgeois media) do the dissenters
now withdraw back into the bunker for the sake of party loyalty?

It's pretty clear to me that while these dissenters may indeed seek
some accommodation with the traditions of the SWP, the consequence
already is that a major split has occurred in that party's ideological
construct -- akin in  its own small way to the Soviet invasion of
Czechoslovakia in 1968 and its impact on the public and internal
status of communist parties.

No tanks were involved this time around, of course,  & no one was
killed or imprisoned --- but you'd be a fool if you didn't note  the
world wide ramifications of this dispute as it pans out across the
Marxist left.

That such a singular issue -- handling allegations of rape against one
individual -- should have such explosive ramifications suggests how
vulnerable was the pre-existing edifice.

The dinosaurs may not want to recognise it, and will no doubt seek to
ignore the rumbling fallout,  but Marxism just changed because this
SWP dispute is a sort of tipping point that underscores the chronic
malaise we have been suffering from for decades.

Jack Barnes eat your heat out -- you have had a comeuppance

dave riley

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