[Marxism] The Eternal Cuba Debate

audradavid at aol.com audradavid at aol.com
Sat Feb 9 12:42:12 MST 2013

[t]he kind of participation that is available to the people of that country is not the 
kind available to the workers of Paris or the workers of Budapest.  But it seems 
to me nevertheless to be a genuine participation.  A genuine exchange exists 
between those who are leading Cuba society and those who make up the basis for 
Cuba society, and within that framework it is not a matter of saying Cuba is a 
socialist society or Cuba is not a socialist society.  It is possible to say 
that Cuba is developing in a direction, to the extent that it can, of building a 
socialist society, but that the building of that society is possible only in the 
framework of thetransformation of the industrialized world.'

I have genuine exchange with my boss, too. He's a truly nice guy. He often listens to my suggestions and occasionally follows them.

And if I cross him in any serious way, he would fire me in a hot second. This is bullshit.


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