[Marxism] SWP CC caves

Alan Bradley alanb1000 at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 9 14:27:31 MST 2013

From: Jim Moody 
> Caving in to SWP members' pressure, the CC has now called a special conference for 10 March. 

Probably a good move on the CC's part. Once they win a majority, they'll feel able to tell the opposition to shut up, and paint them as undemocratic if they don't. Then the opposition will have the choice of capitulating, walking out after not getting their way, or being expelled for violating democratic norms.

None of these will solve the crisis, but they will leave the CC in charge. Presumably the CC thinks that the problem will go away if they tough it out.

Of course, this is based on them winning a majority, and preferably a large one. This is the critical point. They have the advantage of institutional control, but the opposition could still theoretically out-organise them.

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