[Marxism] SWP faction declared

Ken Hiebert knhiebert at shaw.ca
Sat Feb 9 16:14:10 MST 2013

Ratbag Media wrote (in part)
Louis Proyect WROTE:"The idiotic Leninist left enshrines the right to
factions in their idiotic constitutions but once you form one you get
expelled. That is the reality of the sectarian left. "

...or there is a split.Same consequence. You could also add that most
tendency disputes are quickly factionalionised and the stakes move to

Of course if you want to insist that factions are a preferred modus
operandi for dissent then you get the routine factionalisation such
as exists in the NPA....

* * * * *

Ken Hiebert responds:

LP assets that factions are not in fact tolerated but are expelled.
Ratbag Media suggests that factions do not always get expelled but, in the absence of expulsions, lead to splits with the same consequence.

Ratbag Media then cites a counter-example, the NPA of France.  Based on his description it appears that some tendencies (and factions?) have been formed in the NPA without leading to splits or expulsions.  But Ratbag Media does not mean this as praise.  He dismisses the NPA experience as "routine factionalisation."
If tendencies and factions are not "...a preferred modus operandi for dissent...," then what is?  Should dissent be allowed only for individuals who are not allowed to band together to promote their views? 

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