[Marxism] Empty Cuba blather

michael yates mikedjyates at msn.com
Sat Feb 9 17:21:22 MST 2013

Louis decries the lack of analytical posts. This is true. People seem to have fixed positions and they use these to sledgehammer those with different fixed positions. Complexity, nuance, openness to different ways of thinking about things, etc. are often absent. But another problem is that posters go on and on about sectarian politics. What so and so said said sixty years ago in some sect is of no interest to most of us. You were in the SWP, for example, and the organization consumed your life, just as does religion when a person becomes a zealous adherent to a faith. Then you get disillisioned for one reason or another, but spend the rest of your life rehashing the past and pointing fingers at those who are now in the sect. Like a drug addict who can't get enough talk about drugs and using drugs, but then when he or she kicks the habit, the rest of life is spent going to meetings and reliving, in a way, the old drug life, except now as a former addict. This all gets boring beyond words. Life goes on, and most of the world's inhabitants are miserable. Going on endlessly about the sex abuse scandal in the British SWP seems a waste of time to me and to anyone who would like to see this misery end. One last point for all the Cuba bashers here. I'd say Cuba has done more to end misery in the world than just about any nation in the world, certainly in proportion to its size. 		 	   		  

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