[Marxism] left-progressive historians under attack

Karen Saunders karenfransdottir at gmail.com
Sat Feb 9 17:39:20 MST 2013

Jeff Goodwin wrote:
Meanwhile, Howard Zinn's work, which Wilentz loves to disparage, has
come under attack by Sam Wineberg, a Stanford professor, in the pages
of the *American Educator*, which is published by the American
Federation of Teachers (AFT):

There were many comments critical of this article on AFT's Facebook
page, but either they've been taken down or I'm just not skilled
enough at finding old items in the messy Facebook format.
Also, History News Network  published Robert Cohen's critique of this
article.  At the time they published it, AFT hadn't even bothered to
respond to Cohen's offer of the critique.

Meanwhile, there are more than 20,000 teachers registered for the Zinn
Education Project, a website that supports the use of A People's
History and similar materials.

Louis Proyect wrote;
But there's one idea that continues to intrigue me. That's a survey of
American presidents going back to Washington, with no more than 4 or 5
pages on each one...
On the ZinnEd website, you can find Bob Peterson's fifth grade version
of this.  Not a book, and only those whose terms were served before
1865, but an activity in which students research which presidents
owned other people:


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