[Marxism] SWP CC caves

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 10 02:47:37 MST 2013

The CC are not caving in.  They think they have the numbers. They will vote
down the faction at the special conference and then there will probably be
a split.  Kimber will emerge still as the leader .  The organisation will
be smaller, but hey from little things big things grow, don't they????

I feel like muttering something like "where have all the factions gone?"

What is happening here is what Pham Binh put his finger on.  We are dealing
with the tyranny of the full time party worker. Their ability levels demand
that they keep the organisation small enough to dominate.  They use the
Leninist rule book with utter ruthlessness.  It is all so predictable.

I feel obliged to comment on the content of the CC statement.  It takes me
back over the years to how my faction was characterised.  We too were not
political and were not facing the reality of the class struggle.

Kimber clothes himself in the kind of rhetoric that long ago Nixon tried to
use.  He accused his opponents of being mire in Watergate, while he kept
his eye on the really important matters.  Similarly Kimber is keeping his
eye on neo-liberalism and the class struggle.  It is a pity he did not keep
his eye on the rape issue.  But I suppose that makes me sound like a

I said originally that this was all a tragedy.  I stand by that, but
perhaps if it all leads to the final discrediting of the Leninists then we
will have made some progress.



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