[Marxism] New blog post: Vaporlaw immigration reform

Joaquín Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Sun Feb 10 16:59:05 MST 2013

Vaporlaw immigration reform

There is a term in computer circles for programs that are promised, 
announced, trumpeted to the high heavens but not released. They're 
called "vaporware." And I think its about time we coined a term for 
similar legislation: talked about, debated, and bitterly fought over ... 
but nobody knows what it actually says because no text has been released.

In fact, sometimes it turns out that no text has even been drafted. Such 
was the case with Sen. Marco Rubio's alternative to the Dream Act, very 
much like the regular Dream Act that John McCain helped draft and used 
to sponsor, but Rubio's version eliminated the Republican nightmare of 
millions more Latino voters by denying these young people who came her 
as children and were raised partly or totally here permanent residency, 
which after five years gives access to citizenship. Once president Obama 
pulled DACA out of his executive branch hat (basically a sort of 
temporary legalization for those young people) --and Rubio lucked out by 
having Romney pass him over for Ryan, keeping the GOP's Latino poster 
boy fresh for 2016-- Rubio's alternative to the Dream Act vanished 
without as much as a puff of smoke....

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