[Marxism] Israelis shocked by racist football chants

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Sun Feb 10 21:12:40 MST 2013

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> Dennis Brasky wrote:
> > Zionism shares with Nazism a drive to remove an unwanted human
> population.
Angelus Nouvs replied:

> There's nothing wrong with pointing out the inherent brutality of the
> Zionist project, but there *is* something wrong with the implied assumption
> that it's some unique quality only shared with Nazism.
> I add:
Correct I think, Angelus Nouvs. The same thing happened, mas o menos, in
the USA when blacks, having been excluded from many major league sports
decades earlier, were invited by some franchise owners to desegregate them
some decades later. I'm surprised that some of these athletes, like Jackie
Robinson, weren't murdered by racist whites back in the day. Of course, in
the years following blacks (and whites and others who supported them) were
killed by racist whites when they tried to desegregate the rest of society
(schools, neighborhoods, jobs, etc.). Look further back in our national
history at slavery in the USA or the Jim Crowism that followed it. In fact,
the Nazis sent at least one team to the USA in the 1930s precisely to study
how the rulers and their managers managed the "race problem" in the USA.
Nazism had no monopoly on violent, murderous, state-sanctioned racism. We
won't even mention the history of Native Americans, Hispanics, Asians,
etc., in the country. ~Howard Beeth

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