[Marxism] French CP trades the hammer-and-sickle for the five-pointed star of the European Left alliance

Adam Richmond adambrichmond at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 11 12:51:58 MST 2013

Good. The ought to have dumped the hammer and sickle decades ago to avoid confusion with actual communism.... 

One more thing:

The Guardian photo editor ought to be reprimanded. The hammer and sickle photo is from the Chinese Communist Party, not the PCF.  The CCP sickle has a small round handle. Also the close cropped red flags and gold drapes are another give away. These drapes are from the Great Hall of the People not from any PCF hall. 

This is why it is very important to have gay graphic designers in your party. No one else could (or should) be paying attention to the drapes and interior as closely. But without us, you would be duped into believing that the French use the small round handle sickle. 

From my quick photo assay of PCF logos, it appears they always the short-handled cylindrical sickle. 

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