[Marxism] Porfirio

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Feb 11 14:22:23 MST 2013

When Brazilian director Alejandro Landes saw the headline “Paralyzed Man 
in Diapers Hijacks Plane to Bogota” in 2005, he was inspired to make the 
film “Porfirio” that is showing at the Museum of Modern Art until 
Thursday. (Film schedule is here.) This is the third praiseworthy film I 
have seen in the past couple of months that features a leading character 
in a wheelchair and by far the best. Considering the fact that one of 
them is Michael Haneke’s acclaimed “Amour”, nominated for best picture 
of the year in the upcoming Oscar ceremonies, it faces stiff 
competition. Although I thought that Haneke did good work, I would rank 
it only as a “show” in the wheelchair movie sweepstakes behind the 
ebullient “The Intouchables” that “placed”. (For more information on 
win, place and show, Google “horseracing”. I should add that I find the 
notion of awarding films on this basis rather questionable to begin with 
as it goes against my communist principles.)


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