[Marxism] And so we bid a reluctant farewell to Pope Benedict

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 11 18:12:43 MST 2013


I thought the reluctant would fool some of you.  Yet I am torn by the news
of Ratzinger's resignation.  Just a few more years and the damage to the
Church of Rome would have been all but irreversible. Every move of this
creepy little conservative was like an axe blow to the heart of Roman

Still I am comforted by the truth that the organisation which he led is
locked into a series of remorseless dialectics. Firstly the church needs to
reform, but it has got rid of all the reformers.  The people who remain are
the very people who need to be reformed out of existence. (Talk about the
CC of the SWP, the Curia would leave Kimber & co for dead when it comes to
backstabbing maneuvering!)

Secondly Ratzinger's greatest victory the destruction of the Church of the
Poor in Latin America through the rooting out of Liberation Theology have
weakened the moral authority of the church among the poor.  Ratzinger and
his good mate Voytilla were the scourge of all that was Leftist, but their
alliance with capitalism has paved the way for the very destruction of
their Church.

Ratzinger apparently believed in the motto *secando crescit* - through
pruning it grows (or if you like "from little things big things grow").
Well the collapse in the recruitment to the priesthood, the vanishing of
the nun are all great examples of pruning. But there has been little growth.

Caloo Callay oh frabjious day!



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