[Marxism] Moderator's note

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 10:03:43 MST 2013

Ken, I'm not sure you are correct in weighing the accusations by
Wesley. I can see the volunteers sent to Cuba as 'not volunteers'.
This is common for those that don't know the situation or the story at
all. They are in the Cuban Army. As such they as "GIs" (Gov't
Issues/Interests) and have no say about this. There is a lot not known
and unless you really dig, which Wesely did not, he simply throws out
whatever is on his mind, the it's easy to see this.

But the charge that Angola was somehow, at all, a colony of Cuban
'virtually' (or 'real') as Wesley stupidly said, simply has no bearing
at all on even the tiniest facts. It is like an outright slander.
There really is nothing to it as others have noted, it was Chevron
that ran the oil enclave for the Angolan gov't selling oil on the
world, not Cuban, market. The Cubans would have no means at all to
'run' Angola. They could barely run their own army (this is not a hit
on the Cuban Army but they were often disheveled using faulty
equipment and lacking in communications and intelligence hardware and
human resources. Their command and control, however, was quite good,
obviously) yet they pulled off this important victory. The MPLA, a
strong nationalist gov't with quite a large army would in no way allow
non-Angolans, even Cubans, 'run' their country. So it's a slander not
only to Cuba but to the Angolan people as well.

We shouldn't even spend time on this issue as it avoids more
interesting potential discussions on overall Cuban foreign policy, the
interesting relationship they had with the Russian and East German
advisers there and in Ethiopia and other countries. You could have a
discussion about this but not when Welsey-type characters throw this
crap around as he's done.


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