[Marxism] Did Cuba end up 'towing the moscow line'?

John Wesley godisamethodist at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 12 14:51:38 MST 2013

As I understand it (no longer remember the source), Cuba was virtually running all aspects of the state and infrastructure in Angola until it finally withdrew its  troops.
 I doubt Angola had any significant industry during the period in question.
Regarding the trade statistics, perhaps we will know these  one day when the Cuban archives open up.
El pueblo armado jamas sera aplastado!

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The word "colony" has a specific meaning for Marxists. Tell us comrade,
what percentage of Angola's oil and other mineral wealth did Cuba take for
itself; which factories did it own exploting cheap Angolan labor??

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> As I have learned (from other Progressives, BTW), Angola was virtually
> being run by Cuba as a colony, during the final years of the Cuban presence
> there.
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