[Marxism] Napoleon Chagnon versus boa Constrictors, tigers and lions

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Feb 13 07:42:28 MST 2013

Mr. Bartlett, What kind of piker are you? In your fascinating account of 
Dr. Chagnon's Apologia Pro Vita Sua in the Chronicle of Higher 
Education, you left out Chagnon's most famous encounter with a critter. 
In 1971 a wolverine crawled into his sleeping bag when he was hunting 
moose in northern Michigan and bit off his weewee. That did not stop Dr. 
Chagnon. He chased after the highly feared feral beast, retrieved his 
weewee after beating the wolverine to death with the copy of "Thus Spake 
Zarathustra" that he had brought along. Despite being in enormous pain, 
he managed to drive to a local hospital where the weewee was reattached.

I am a long-time admirer of this larger than life anthropologist and am 
sure that the tale will be included in his autobiography that I await 
with bated breath.

Yours truly,

Louis N. Proyect

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