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Muchas gracias por esta contribución compañero.

Thanks for this contribution. 

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> Amigos marxistas:
> For those who may be interested, here's a link to a recent and, I think, rich and relevant interview that came out in late January in Diagonal--a Madrid based Left newspaper with close ties to social movements--with Moishe Postone:  https://www.diagonalperiodico.net/global/hemos-llegado-la-crisis-del-empleo-la-sociedad.html And a longer version through here: https://www.diagonalperiodico.net/global/estoy-intentando-recuperar-concepto-capital-creo-movimientos-sociales-han-perdido.html
> It's a good interview, Postone says a few things about Krisis, Harvey, a new internationalism, the working class, Germany/Europe, and other themes. But most of the discussion is about the structure of work and how the contemporary crisis links back to it. He also returns to his pet theory on fundamentalism--fetishised dissatisfaction--and the need for post-proletarian subjectivities. 
> Alberto Riesco, one of those responsible for the interview is very knowledgeable, and works on labour issues in Spain, and had also written a couple of years ago a very good introduction to a compilation of Postone's work published by the excellent radical editorial collective, Traficantes de sueños, which, by the way, you can download through here: http://www.traficantes.net/index.php/editorial/moishe_postone_marx_reloaded_repensar_la_teoria_critica_del_capitalismo
> On the subject of Postone para lectores del castellano... there is a Spanish language edition of "Time, labor and social domination", published in Madrid by Marcial Pons in 2006. You can download a scanned version of the text and other interesting readings on Marxist theory through the so-called "Portal del socialismo chileno", of which I really know next to nothing other than the obvious--from Allende to Bachelet--though I suspect their study groups must be pretty lively: Postone and Rubin, Gramsci and Tronti. And, of course, the good old “topo” himself: http://www.socialismo-chileno.org/Socialismo
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> Carlos
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