[Marxism] How do we stop climate change?

ehrbar at greenhouse.economics.utah.edu ehrbar at greenhouse.economics.utah.edu
Wed Feb 13 13:33:42 MST 2013

John Passant writes:

> Whether we leave behind a world to our descendants as
> beautiful as the one we were born into will depend on ...

It is too late to prevent climate catastrophe.  The most
likely scenario is that we will reach 4 centigrades warming
in 2060.  The unwinding of the various tipping points which
will be passed by then is going to determine the further
trajectory.  The suggestion that it might be possible to
preserve the world in a state as beautiful as the one we
were born into (i.e., to which humans are as well adapted
to) is denying reality.

If you want more info about this, the book launch of Clive
Hamilton's "Requiem of a Species" gives a good overview:


Here is Joe Romm from Climate Progress:


Hans G Ehrbar

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