[Marxism] Egypt's Black Bloc Doesn't Want to Be Your Friend

Daniel Rocha danieldiniz at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 06:31:46 MST 2013

That's a start, isn't it? The use of violence without the promises of
democracy, or a bourgeoisie revolution,  is an important step to break away
with bourgeoisie morals. Without violence at some point, bringing the
social power is an utopia to bring power even to an organized movement.
We've seen plenty of seeds for organization for 2 years, but its been
mostly an oversized Occupy movement.

The red/black terror must start at some point and gradually mix with the
labor movement.

2013/2/14 Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com>

>> Who knows what the hell they are? That is the problem with the fucking
>> black masks. We are supposed to be Marxists here, right? Do you think V.I.
>> Lenin would have run around in a Halloween mask trick-or-treating? "Stop
>> oppressing the Egyptian people or we will firebomb your office". The whole
>> idea of Marxism is to organize the unorganized mass movement so that it has
>> the social power to remove the fucking Muslim Brotherhood and establish one
>> based on worker's power.
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