[Marxism] How do we stop climate change?

Philip Dunn hyl0morphster at googlemail.com
Thu Feb 14 14:54:39 MST 2013

A minor point is that I understood that man-made global warming first 
morphed into climate change and then into climate disturbance. These PR 
moves were not the work of the Exxon-financed, right wing but of the 
warmists themselves.

Climate change need not happen slowly. Ice ages can start in a mere 2 or 
3 years:


We could always mint a $60 trillion platinum coin and spend it all on 
windmills, those 21st century follies. The effect on plant food would be 

On 14/02/13 21:21, Shane Mage wrote:
> On Feb 14, 2013, at 3:28 PM, Philip Dunn wrote:
>> We can't stop climate change. It's called natural variation. Do 
>> recall there are things called Ice Ages, glaciations. We can do 
>> nothing about them. Why fret about people dying in the hypothetical 
>> future when there are those dying daily now?
> Why do you blindly mouth that right-wing euphemism "climate change?"  
> Obviously climate changes all the time--so slowly and irregularly as 
> to be imperceptible in the short run.  There are only two proper names 
> for what is happening to our planet: "rapid and accelerating climate 
> change" or, simply, global warming (or global heating).
> By the way, why fret about people dying now? People are dying 
> daily--currently by the scores of thousands--and always have been.

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