[Marxism] The Meaning of David Cameron

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 16:46:36 MST 2013

My copy of Richard Seymour's book has just arrived and I have dipped into
it.  My primary purpose is to get a grasp of the "Red Tory" phenomenon. We
have not had anything like it in Australia as far as I am aware. The last
conservative Prime Minister, John Howard, managed to combine in his project
- right wing social conservatism and neo-liberal radicalism.  But it was a
balancing act.  Nevertheless we have had nothing like the "Big Society"
rubbish that Cameron went on about.  Nor thankfully has any Labor Leader
mentioned Disraeli and One Nation.

Still what I find most pleasing about Richard's book is his take no
prisoners style.  He is a superb polemicist.  I like to think that is due
to his Irishness, but then I would.  His onslaught on Blair and New Labour
makes great reading in that it is full of a quite holy anger. Richard is
very clear that New Labour was so far to the right that Cameron was able to
out manoeuvre them on civil liberties with a faux leftism (p. 5). It is
here I think one can get an explanation for why "red toryism" was able to
get a grip on the imaginary of some reasonably progressive or libertarian

Seymour's onslaught on Blair makes wonderful reading. The rage and disgust
leap out at one.  I loved this bit:

[Blair} Sycophantic towards the wealthy, ingratiating towards Her Majesty,
fawning over Bush - the only people who really inspired Blair's disgust
were the poor and the weak, and those "residual forces of conservatism" in
his own part who challenged him, meekly, from the Left (p. 5).



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