[Marxism] Blog post: I catch the Department of Justice Virus

Joaquín Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 02:07:19 MST 2013

[New post on my blog, Brass Tacks and Hard Facts on Immigration Reform]

I caught the dreaded DOJ virus!!!

Just spent the last few hours hours dealing with the Department of 
Justice computer virus. That's the PC infection that blocks your desktop 
with a message saying that your computer is out of commission because 
you shared files, or looked at naughty pictures, or were promoting the 
violent overthrow of the government, or tore the little tag off the 
mattress. And you've got 48 hours to pay a $300 fine by buying a green 
dot debit card or similar and giving them the access number, or you'll 
be facing criminal charges for copyright violation, pornography, and 
posting to YouTube videos the government doesn't like, with the 
aggravating factor that you knew full well that the government wouldn't 
like them, and went ahead anyways.

Well, if you see that on your computer, and even if you're like me and 
are guilty of all those charges and a couple of more, take the advice on 
the cover of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy:


I didn't, because I knew it was a fake. The Justice Department is way 
too busy persecuting, I mean prosecuting, undocumented immigrants for 
outrageous assaults on national security like returning to their 
families (illegal reentry) or making up a social security number so they 
can work harder than anyone else for less pay than anyone else so their 
kids have something to eat.

(full here: 

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