[Marxism] The sea cruise to hell

mjs at smithbowen.net mjs at smithbowen.net
Fri Feb 15 12:34:05 MST 2013

> Today it is impossible to distinguish one cruise ship from another,
> especially those that fly

You'd think ships that fly would stand out from the merely aquatic variety.

But yeah, those cruise ships are awful. Never been on one myself, but
they're frightful pests out on the water. They move very fast, they have
zero maneuverability, and the people operating them seem to have the same
mentality as drivers in SUVs, vis-a-vis smaller vessels.

Oh, and they're butt-ugly. Though 'butt-ugly' is an odd phrase, isn't it?
Some butts are ugly, to be sure; but so are some faces, and nobody says
'face-ugly'. And some butts are at least as good-looking as most faces.

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