[Marxism] A critical article by Cockshott on Heinrich and the valueform school.

Wythe Holt jr. wholt at law.ua.edu
Fri Feb 15 13:32:32 MST 2013

Daily experience shows it also.

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Paul Cockshott wrote an article reviewing and criticising Heinrich's 
interpretation of the LTV and Capital. Check it at 
http://spiritofcontradiction.eu/paul-cockshott/2013/02/15/new-age-marxism - 
or if that link is too long, http://is.gd/O3a4SO

... it makes no sense to keep a constant fear of Marxism being 
wrong, incoherent, or impossible; if it were, we should be the first 
ones to find out, but, more to the point, it clearly isn't, as research 
keeps showing.


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