[Marxism] A critical article by Cockshott on Heinrich and the value form school.

Angelus Novus fuerdenkommunismus at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 15 19:04:55 MST 2013

Shane Mage wrote:

> Cockshott and Heinrich are both Althusserians

Dude, seriously, what does this even mean?  That Heinrich lists Althusser in a bibliography?  That he agrees with Althusser concerning a break between an episteme of Feuerbachian anthropology in the 1844 Manuscripts and a scientific analysis of social relations in Capital?

Shane, I know you're a Trot, or at least you used to be a Trot, so you're used to thinking of things like a Trot, in terms of the succession of pure "lineages" or "revolutionary continuity".  

But believe it or not, many Marxists outside of Trot (or Maoist) sects don't think in terms of continuities, but rather in terms of correct arguments or incorrect arguments, fruitful ideas or less fruitful ones.

Heinrich occasionally refers to Althusser.  He even more frequently refers to Hans-Georg Backhaus, who comes from a completely different place than Althusser (Backhaus was a student of Adorno).  Shocking as it may be to you, citing different theorists is fairly common among scholars.

You know who you resemble?  Alex Callinicos chastizing Richard Seymour for daring to read Poulantzas and Bob Jessop, rather than the pre-approved canon of IST thinkers.

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