[Marxism] Pope Rat-Zinger!

Wythe Holt jr. wholt at law.ua.edu
Sat Feb 16 05:21:28 MST 2013

Ratzinger's "choice" for the papacy had been carefully orchestrated by John Paul II and by Ratzinger, in the two decades preceding JP-II's demise.  If he was "picked to reverse the growth of secularism in Europe," that is because such is how JP-II and Ratzinger portrayed this little arrogant reactionary.

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I actually am quite optimistic that we will see some enormous upheaval in
this institution. Perhaps even a split.  At the moment they are locked into
a cycle of ever rapid decay. The central church would be quite aware of
what is happening.  Falling revenues no doubt have them deeply worried.

I read a comment in the Guardian that Ratzinger had been picked in order to
reverse the growth of secularism in Europe. I had a good laugh at that.
They picked a creepy little cop to try and get people to believe. But who
else was there to pick? They had gotten rid of all the reformers long ago.
The right wing in the Church defeated the radical church that had its brief
moment in the Vatican 2 Council.  Now the right are reaping the bitter
fruits of their victory.

Apart from the fact that the core Catholic beliefs afre frankly ridiculous,
there is the social and political role they have played.  They have done
all in their power to prevent the realisation of the kingdom of god on
earth or to put that in secular terms they have been a  totally
anti-emancipatory force.

Sit back and watch the wheels fall off...


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