[Marxism] Sorry that should have had Heinrich on the subject line

William Cockshott William.Cockshott at glasgow.ac.uk
Sat Feb 16 11:08:25 MST 2013


Novus:Huh.  Imagine writing a "criticism" of Heinrich's book without engaging with
any of the actual quotations from Marx that Heinrich marshals to support his
interpretation of Marx's theory of value.

If Cockshott won't even bother to seriously engage with Heinrich's Capital
Introduction, I imagine he won't be interested in a serious engagement when The
Science of Value comes out in English translation.  In that book, there are
even more problematic quotations from Marx for Cockshott to ignore.
I dont deny that Marx puns on the meaning of socially necessary at times, but
in the book I am reviewing Heinrich only presents one quote to support his
interpretation that monetary demand is a condition of social necessity.
I am pointing out
a) that if you chose to take Heinrichs interpretation you end up with a mystical and untestable theory not science
b) Marx often talks at things selling above or below their value - something which makes no sense if we take Heinrich's monetary as opposed to labour theory of value.

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