[Marxism] Sean Wilentz's Pop-Gun Attack on Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick

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Sat Feb 16 11:09:54 MST 2013

Counterpunch Weekend Edition February 15-17, 2013
Sean Wilentz's Pop-Gun Attack on Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick
Post-Modernist Red-Baiting

It was only a matter of time before the N.Y. Review of Books launched an 
ideological drone strike against Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick’s 
“Untold History of the United States”. And who better to sit behind the 
control panel directing the missile than Sean Wilentz, who aspires to be 
the Arthur Schlesinger Jr. of our generation.

In its early years the NYR featured Noam Chomsky, Gore Vidal and even 
ran a famous article by Andrew Kopkind backing Chairman Mao’s dictum 
that “morality, like politics, flows from the barrel of a 
gun”–accompanied by David Levine’s marvelous do-it-yourself diagram of a 
Molotov cocktail on its cover.

As the magazine’s editors grew older and more attuned to the needs of 
the permanent government, it found new causes and new contributors to 
promote them. Chief among the causes was the superiority of capitalism 
to socialism and America’s duty to resist any challenges to the global 
status quo. More and more the NYR began to occupy the ideological niche 
once held by Encounter, the journal edited by Melvin J. Lasky and funded 
by the CIA.

full: http://www.counterpunch.org/2013/02/15/post-modernist-red-baiting/

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