[Marxism] Redfriars - the Public School of the Socialist Workers Party

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 16 14:19:51 MST 2013

Sunday morning and man's heart expands to tinker with the internet...

I found this funny, like I did the Kimber bunker rant on youtube (has it
been taken down?).  Some of the personalities are not known to me, though.

Having said that the bullying and the spoofs are all bad signs.  Callinicos
& Kimber & co are going to going to make sure that the ship goes down with
them.  Normally that would lead to the demoralisation and depoliticising of
the faction that is expelled.  But this time it might all be different.  I
think so because in Syriza we have something like  a model of the way to
go. Should the crisis in the UK mature to the extent that the working class
get over their abstentionism and take an active role in their
self-emancipation, then a British Syriza could emerge.  Then comrades like
Richard Seymour would have a role to play.  Of course then Kimber &
Callinicos would come running to try and do their entry thing.

All this is based on the assumption that the special conference will see a
the defeat of Seymour and his comrades. If that does not happen however
then a very interesting new game could be in town.  In any case what we are
hearing in the UK is the death rattle of Zinovievism.  And that makes this
thread of continuing relevance for us all.



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