[Marxism] Pope Rat-Zinger!

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 16 14:36:17 MST 2013

Yes of course th election of Benedict was all carefully plotted, but it is
still something of a sick joke is it not that they considered Ratzinger as
capable of leading a revival of Catholicism. JP2 had charisma.  One has to
give the bastard that.  But I was struck by a remark by Hobsbawm to the
effect that he did not know what to do in the current conjuncture but
neither did the pope (JP2). Woytilla had a dream of a return to the
"glories" of the Holy Roman Empire.

Like all the popes he made the mistake of seeing actually existing
socialism as the enemy.  Presumably because it represented a threat to
Church property.  However the true  negation of Catholicism was capitalism,
especially of the neo-liberal variety.

The Curia is unable to diagnose the problem even though they are very aware
something is very wrong.  But even if they did figure it out, they could
not move into opposition to capitalism.  They long ago closed off the
possibility of an option for the poor.  There is also their opposition to
women as priests, the birth control issue  and of course their barbaric
attitude towards gays, though if one had a dollar for every gay priest....

So they are trapped in a remorseless dialectic.  If they choose an African
priest, his conservatism will further weaken the centre's grip on Europe.
The Canadian alternative would also drive them further into the mire.
My best guess is that they do not know what to do and they will happen upon
some decrepit old Italian as a compromise and hope for the best.

Though no one should doubt the seriousness of the crisis in the Church of
Rome.  the relevance of that for the cause of the emancipation of humanity
is of course a matter for opinion and debate.  As someone reared in the
Church, I tend to think its destruction is a consummation devoutly to be
wished, but I am aware that most comrades may have had a normal upbringing.



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