[Marxism] Heinrich

Ralph Johansen mdriscollrj at charter.net
Sun Feb 17 11:15:37 MST 2013

I have looked today at the archives of OPE-L, Outline of Political 
Economy List, dating back to 1995. I have hung around here on Lou's list 
for awhile, but I haven't gotten into this sort of discussion before.

After reviewing the headings and looking at the list of participants 
there, I'm going to apologize for getting my nose under this tent, and 
I'm going to duck back out until I have read a lot more, including the 
contributions to OPE-L over the years.

Just copying names there that I recognize, it includes, in case anyone's 
interested, from the list's inception: Gerald Levy, Michael Lebowitz, 
Paul Burkett,  Michael Perelman, Andrew Kliman, Alan Freeman, Iwao 
Kitamura, Paul Mattick, Tony Smith, Rakesh Bhandari, Dr. G. Carchedi, 
M.K. Itoh, Simon Mohun, Duncan K. Foley, Allin Cottrell, Costas 
Lapavitsas and Hans Ehrbar. For those who don't know, the list folded 
last summer, presumably because everyone has either said their say or is 
otherwise occupied, but the discussion headings look as if they've 
covered the ground discussed here, often in heated exchanges, and the 
participants included persuade me to have a close look.

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