[Marxism] Heinrich

Angelus Novus fuerdenkommunismus at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 17 12:46:25 MST 2013

Cockshott wrote:

> Is the performance of the labour not objective?

You're confusing concrete labor with abstract labor, which I think is the fundamental flaw in your analysis.

This distinction was not negligible for Marx; it was the key that distinguished him from the classical political economists.

"Later on, we saw also that labour, too, possesses the same twofold nature; for, so far as it finds expression in value, it does not possess the same characteristics that belong to it as a creator of use values. I was the first to point out and to examine critically this twofold nature of the labour contained in commodities. As this point is the pivot on which a clear comprehension of political economy turns, we must go more into detail."


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