[Marxism] 'Toward the United Front': Translations for the twenty-first century

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‘Toward the United Front’: Translations for the twenty-first century

On February 3, 120 socialists took part in a Toronto meeting to celebrate
publication of Toward the United Front: Proceedings of the Fourth Congress
of the Communist International, 1922. John Riddell’s address to the Toronto
meeting, below, explains the purpose of the book and the Comintern
publishing project. For the video record, see LeftStreamed. 

In the early 1980s, very little of the Comintern record was available in
English. We had Lenin’s speeches at Comintern congresses and also those by
Trotsky, but almost nothing else; indeed the experience had been largely
forgotten. Or more accurately, as our Hispanic compañeros say, it had been
disappeared – indeed, violently suppressed

Why is this memory important to revolutionaries? Revolutionary memory
provides the language we use in projecting a social alternative. Memory is
the map of our imagination. It is the factual basis for developing and
testing policy. As best we can, we try to pass on and, where necessary,
rediscover this memory and make it available for a new generation to weigh
and assess. My work aimed to do this for a small but significant fragment of
our heritage

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